Happy Wife, Happy Life

Every now and again I like to surprise my wife with a thoughtful little gift. “Happy wife, happy life”, they say – it rhymes, so you know that its true. But I have to get the right thing – if its too expensive, she will be unhappy that I spent too much money. If its something I like a lot, it may not be something she likes. This is often the case with chocolates – I buy them for her, and then I end up eating them all. Not impressive.

So I find its best to go with flowers. I don’t know much about flowers so I just play it safe and get one at a time – its cheaper, and I can put it between my teeth and tango with my wife (try doing that with a bouquet). So I would pop by my local Christchurch florist on the way home from work and get any flower that strikes me as being tango-worthy (the rose usually comes to mind, but not always).

Get your wife some flowers

So husbands, try it out sometime. It could well earn you brownie points. And wives, get your husband some power tools, and maybe he will use them to make a backyard shed. Whatever you do, its good to be in your spouse’s ‘good books’. And heck, bouquets are awesome too. Just pick one flower out for your tango and give her the rest.

The Dangers of Forgetting to Backup Your Data

I had a nasty experience recently when I forgot to back up my hard drive and I lost a few posts I had written for the blog. Because of this I wanted to take a moment here to warn my readers about the problems that can arise from not backing up, and how to fix it.

You probably haven’t taken much time to think about the kind of irreplaceable things you have on your hard drive. Think about family photos, documents, and potentially work related or business files. If you lose all this, it might be gone forever – which is why it’s so essential to have a reliable backup software.

The one I use is called Fast-Backup to USB and I like it because it allows me to quickly and easily create full off-site backups.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Right now I want to write a little post about a topic very dear to my heart: getting married. It’s been a while since most of my friends and I tied the not, but my daughters are getting closer to that age now and I can’t wait to be the doting mother getting involved in every aspect of wedding planning. I know it doesn’t come naturally to everyone though, as I experienced recently when I guided a friend through planning her daughter’s wedding. If I had to share a single tip that really changes everything, it’s this: find a really good photographer! If you’re looking for a Wedding photographer in Auckland, I highly recommend you check out Jessica from http://www.waihekeweddingphotography.co.nz. She knows the best spots on the island and has an amazing eye for capturing special moments other photographers miss. That’s probably why she’s won several awards for her work. If you’re planning a wedding on Waiheke Island or anywhere around Auckland, she’s worth giving a call.

Make Money through Online Focus Groups

If you’re a homemaker, you might get a little bored during the day if everything is done around the house. What if there was a way to turn those hours of down time into cash you can use to buy those new dream accessories and update your home? Well, it turns out there is an easy way – through participating in online focus groups.

The key is finding the right kind of groups you can participate in using your webcam from home, and finding some that pay out well. A lot will kind of trick you into participating for hours and all you’l get in return is what amounts to a few dollars worth of store credit.

These video focus groups can be an excellent option though if you want to find a fun way to fill those hours around home and make some money while you do it.

Tips for Staying Classy Around the Home

In this update we want to offer a few tips for services you might need to keep your home fresh and classy. In particular we’re going to be talking about home decoration and cleaning services, including a few of our own recommendations.

Obviously painting, decorations and flooring are a big deal for any homeowner. Choosing the right paint can be an intuitive move, but flooring often presents challenges. Do you go for luxury carpet or something simple? Vinyl or tile? Or maybe opt for polished concrete? How do you know what to choose?

It’s important not to let outside pressures get to you. Consult with friends you trust, and make an informed decision based on their recommendations.

Remember, it’s not only installation but maintenance you need to keep in mind as well. We highly recommend Local’s Choice for tasks like carpet cleaning. They’re busy though, so if they’re all booked out these guys are the next best option for carpet cleaners in Christchurch.

Welcome to Shop Elmwood!

Shop Elmwood is a website dedicated to helping sophisticated people in New Zealand make informed purchasing decisions. Here our mission is to represent only class and style in the marketplace. It can be difficult to find reliable resources that will point you in the right direction when trying to make a large purchasing decision – after all while you may now have access to dozens or hundreds of reviews of items like laptops and electronics, when it comes to big purchases it’s much harder to tap into the experience of others. We aim to fill that gap by providing knowledge on the kinds of items you may need to purchase for your home or own physical appearance.

Around the Home

We all need to make renovations at times – you may even find yourself looking to build or rebuild an entire property. If you’re doing this, you’ll find your choice of materials and contractors can have a significant impact on the resale value of your home.

You’ll find when it comes to roofing, it’s hard to look past Metrotile. These guys have been recognized for decades as the best in the business and when you see how solid and durable their tiles are, you’ll understand why. If it’s solid, long-lasting roofing tiles you’re after, Metrotile are the people you want to talk to.

Sick of using mass produced furniture and looking for an organic solution? It’s worth taking a look at the hand made mattresses from Futon Ya San. Take a look at their natural mattresses here.

Of course, maintaining a tidy home is not just a matter of what goes inside or the building materials used – over time, your cleaners will have a big impact on the beauty of your home. We recommend Auckland Cleaners’ home cleaning service or, if you’re in Christchurch, check out Local’s Choice cleaning service.

Personal Beauty

As we get older, not all of us are able to maintain the same youthful looks – that’s just a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to ensure you personal beauty remains intact as long as possible. Likewise, as you get older and it becomes harder to keep the weight off, you may need to look for a surgical solution to the problem.

If it’s cosmetic surgery you’re contemplating, we advise talking to Dr John Masters in Wellington. Masters is particularly recognised for his skill and reputation with liposuction procedures. Masters has served hundreds of happy patients over his career. If you’re considering anything from eyelash enhancement through to a facelift, we recommend taking a look at his website.

Another little personal beauty tip involves whitening your teeth – take a look at TeethWhiteningChristchurch.co.nz for some help on that front.

On Vacation

Never forget to look after yourself when you’re treating yourself to a much deserved holiday! That includes making sure your insurance is all sorted out, just in case there’s an unexpected illness or accident. If you’re not sure who to use for the best cover, check out www.travel-insurance-compare.net to get an idea of who can give you the best deal. If you’re heading to Ireland, there’s an even more specific site to check out called http://www.travelinsuranceireland.net. They’ll give you all the info you need on Travel Insurance Ireland!


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